Oliver Grottke. From the Series Like a patient etherised
upon a table
. C-Prints, 2002.

Bryan Sentes


Reading Dudek’s The Caged Tiger
Sein Blick ist vom Vorübergehen der Stäbe

The transcendental then is merely the unknown
—No: how what’s known is
inside out: no silhouette
no eidos no idea:
The transcendental’s how you know
you’re facing the mirror

Aside from yourself
the world
How it all happened
to come
‘s beyond you


Neither this nor any mystery’s gnawed
The mystic’s "the tight-lipped"
Tongue’s quiver locked up


Art is a dead god’s tongue
whose words
we still like the sound of
"the music of the spheres"
night’s white noise
the whole spectrum
of electromagnetic radiation
visible and audible
only to the radio-telescopes’
timpani tipped to listen
idle humming
"I-am-I"’s sound poem